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Hoy traemos a este espacio al número 32 de la  revista #eLearning Papers , que en este caso, tiene como tema central:
 Mobile Learning
Today’s youth are growing up in a world very different from that of their teachers or parents. Ubiquitous access to social media, tools and knowledge resources is taken for granted, while passive teacher-directed work often dominates life at school. In fact, the impossibility of controlling the use of mobile devices has led some schools to prohibit their use. Even when mobile technology becomes part of learning and training programs, challenges arise concerning collaboration, compatibility and security. Despite its potential, school management, teachers and other trainers are challenged by the rapid changes in the technology environment.

Open, social and participatory media offer numerous ways to communicate, collaborate and to connect with peers, and have significant potential to transform learning and teaching. The range of free educational resources and tools is rapidly increasing. Although smart phones are becoming commonplace among students, their educational use still increases the risk of a digital divide based on the unequal economic opportunities of students and their parents.

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