Creative Classrooms and 21st Century Teachers . eLearningPapers no. 30

Hoy traemos a este espacio el número 30 de  eLearningPapers titulado "Creative Classrooms and 21st Century Teachers ." que nos presentan Hans Laugesen, Jim Devine, Tapio Koskinen en su editorial así:

The integration of digital media and technologies in education is a policy priority throughout Europe. National and regional initiatives are often grounded in the belief that schools must provide students with the skills needed to participate in our knowledge society. However, reality has shown that a well-planned use of ICT in education calls for more than new media and tools, requiring profound pedagogical changes from within the school system, not least the accommodation of a more personalised approach to learning.  In light of changing schools and the evolution towards creative classrooms, this issue of eLearning Papers will explore the new role of teachers in 21st century learning contexts.

This issue spotlights new research and classroom practices that illustrate how new learning technologies have affected teachers' professional environments. 21st century learners has become a buzz-word in the field of educational research. This issues applies the  term to  teachers, seeking practical examples and prospective visions that examine what it means to be a teacher in today’s knowledge society.

The fast-paced evolution of technology is challenging for teachers, who often struggle with  the demands of keeping up-to-date with their students’ digital lifestyles. Initiatives for the enhancement of ICT in education often address deployment of devices and tools in the classroom, without fully considering how they may affect and change the way people teach and learn. (...)

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