World Congress on acces to Postsecondary #Education . Connecting the Unconnected. Montreal. Canada 7th-10 October

Hoy traemos a este espacio al World Congress on acces to Postsecondary #Education . Connecting the Unconnected
Our First Global Event Mount Royal Centre, Montreal, Canada October 7th - 10th 2013

 Montreal 2013 will begin with a reception and opening session on the evening of October 7th and will conclude on the afternoon of October 10th. A pre-event programme will be hosted by post-secondary institutions in Montreal from 9 am to 4 pm on October 7th. Montreal has been chosen as the site of our first global event because it is a beautiful, dynamic and diverse city in a country with good transport links to many other regions of the world. Holding our event here will enable people from many different backgrounds and regions of the world to participate. It will also enable opportunities for participants to see and learn from Canada’s experience in enhancing and improving participation in post-secondary education, including for First Nations, Aboriginal and disadvantaged groups.

Montreal 2013 has five major objectives:

- To identify and link the networks, actors and stakeholders working globally on access issues and facilitate a new global access movement with a series of specific communities of practice.

- To launch experimental work and build new connections, partnerships and funding mechanisms to address challenges of access to post-secondary education.

-To inform key political leaders about the latest thinking and practices from around the world on how to significantly improve access to, and success in, post-secondary education in the interests of economic progress, social stability, community and individual well-being.

- To ensure that the voice of students internationally takes a prominent place in discussions, declarations and actions stemming from the inaugural Congress.

- To use the Canadian experience as a microcosm to examine access challenges and comparative international approaches including issues related to urban strategies, rural and remote education delivery, diversity and integration and closing education gaps for Aboriginal peoples.

A New Global Movement for Educational Opportunities


Around the world, too many people still lack opportunities and face obstacles to real participation and success in post-secondary education.
This cannot continue, for it squanders talents that could be used to benefit many communities, cities, nations and regions. It also denies many individuals the chance to fulfil their potential and to change their own lives and those of their families, for the better.
Many of us are separately and through joint initiatives, already making progress in tackling participation gaps. However, we believe that if we combine our knowledge and efforts on a broader scale, bring in new partners and create, share and implement innovative ideas we will be able to achieve an even greater impact.
So we are setting out on a journey to create a new social movement and global learning community: theWorld Congress on Access to Post-Secondary Education. Our aim is that Congress will bring together all those who share our vision so that we can support and learn from each other and work together to achieve our goals.
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The pre-Event programme 

will provide opportunities for learning about and from the Canadian experience in supporting broader participation and for making connections with Canadian students and institutions.
Host institutions: Concordia University, McGill University, Table des CEGEPS Anglophone de Québec, Université de Montréal, Université de Québec à Montréal.
Each host institution will offer a programme based on one of the seven strands that will frame discussions at the Congress. Participants will be able to choose and attend two of the seven strands at designated locations:
  • Education for Economic and Social Development McGill University
  • Financing Education Opportunities (TBA)
  • Teaching & Learning for Success and Inclusion CEGEP System
  • Education for and at work Université de Québec à Montréal
  • Students as Change Agents Concordia University
  • Re-thinking Systems for Access Université de Montréal
  • First Nations, Indigenous and Aboriginal Peoples (TBA)
All sessions will be interactive and will be either in French or English. Further details will be announced shortly.
The registration fee of $175 will include refreshments, lunch and a 1-day public transit pass.
The programme will conclude in time to allow participants to make their way to the Mount Royal Centre.
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