iJET Vol 9, No 4 (2014). International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning

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International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET)

This interdisciplinary journal aims to focus on the exchange of relevant trends and research results as well as the presentation of practical experiences gained while developing and testing elements of technology enhanced learning. So it aims to bridge the gape between pure academic research journals and more practical publications. So it covers the full range from research, application development to experience reports and product descriptions.

Vol 9, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Understanding Social Learning Behaviors via a Virtual Field TripPDF
Xin Bai, Joanne Lavinpp. 4-13
Flash-Based Platform for Teaching Stored Program-Controlled Switching CoursesPDF
Kurban Ubulpp. 14-19
E-Learning and Students' Motivation: A Research Study on the Effect of E-Learning on Higher EducationPDF
Samir Abou El-Seoud, Naglaa Seddiek, Islam Taj-Eddin, Pauline Ghenghesh, Ann Nosseir, Mahmoud El-Khoulypp. 20-26
Evaluating E-Learning Systems: An Empirical Investigation on Students' Perception in Higher Education AreaPDF
Muneer Abbad, Faten Jaberpp. 27-34
ICTs and Special Education in KindergartenPDF
Athanasios Drigas, Georgia Kokkaliapp. 35-42
The Establishment of an e-Learning System Based on SDTPDF
Mihyang Bang, Kwangyun Wohn, Chungkon Shipp. 43-49
Educational Paradigm Shift: Are We Ready to Adopt MOOC?PDF
Jayakumar Sadhasivampp. 50-55

Short Papers

Technology and Products Supporting E-learning by Knowledge Management - A ReviewPDF
Ying Wangpp. 56-59
International Distance Consulting via Web ConferencingPDF
Prachyanun Nilsook, Panita Wannapiroonpp. 60-64
E-learning Accessibility for Saudi Women: A Literature ReviewPDF
Yahya Al Alharethpp. 65-67


African Youth Utilising IT-Essentials Innovation in Re-vitalisation of PCs to Equip Disadvantaged Rural Schools Shaping their ICT Learning Landscape: Namibian Case StudyPDF
Jameson Mbalepp. 68-71


6th IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference - EDUCON2015PDF UNTITLED
Call for Papersp. 72

International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning. ISSN: 1863-0383
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RUSC . Vol 10, No 2 (July 2013) monográfico perspectivas y retos #educación y tecnología en México y América Latina.

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Vol 10, No 2 (July 2013)

This issue has a special section focusing on the outlook and challenges for education and technology in Mexico and Latin America. This section has been made possible thanks to collaboration from Mexico’s Sistema Nacional de Educación a Distancia (National Distance Education System, SINED) and was coordinated by professors Margarita Ontiveros (SINED, Mexico) and José Raúl Canay (University of Santiago de Compos­tela, Spain). There is also an extensive miscellany section with ten articles on questions linked to RUSC’s subject areas.

Full Issue

View or download the full issue NÚMERO COMPLETO (BILINGÜE) NÚMERO COMPLETO (Español) Full issue

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF (Español) PDF (Català) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB EPUB (Català)
Josep M. Duart 1-2 | 3-4 | 252-253

Research Articles

ICTs and collaborative learning: a case study of a class blog for improving the writing skills of pre-university students PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Guadalupe Álvarez, Lorena Bassa 5-19 | 254-268
Corporate universities: an emerging actor in higher education in Spain? PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Antonio José Baladrón Pazos, Beatriz Correyero Ruiz 20-36 | 269-284
Virtual dialogues and exchanges. The social and cognitive dimensions of interactions among students PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Analía Claudia Chiecher, Danilo Silvio Donolo 37-53 | 285-300
Design of a specific quality assessment model for distance education PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Carlos G. Giorgetti, Lucila Romero, Marcela Vera 54-68 | 301-315
The school environment project and its connection with e-learning for pre-school children in Escuela Normal Superior La Hacienda de Barranquilla, Colombia PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Angel Leonardo Hernández, María Piedad Acuña 69-80 | 316-327
Learning and navigating: an exploratory study of the relationships between learning styles and navigational practices in Moodle PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Gilles Lavigne, Karla María Díaz López, Lewis McAnally Salas, Javier Organista Sandoval 81-97 | 328-343
Social sciences teaching and information processing. An experience using WebQuests in primary education teacher training PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Pedro Miralles Martínez, Cosme J. Gómez Carrasco, Laura Arias Ferrer 98-111 | 344-357
Teamwork and leadership in a virtual learning environment PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Ana Reyes Pacios Lozano, Gema Bueno de la Fuente 112-129 | 358-374
Identifying the stage of growth in the organisational learning capacity of universities PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Mireia Tintoré, Albert Arbós 130-148 | 375-393
Aspects and indicators for assessing the quality of learning objects created by the University of Information Sciences, Havana PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Yuniet del Carmen Toll Palma, Yohandri Ril Gil 149-162 | 394-406

Special Section

Education and Technology in Mexico and Latin America: Outlook and Challenges PDF (Español) PDF MONOGRÁFICO COMPLETO (Español) Full Special Section EPUB (Español) EPUB
Margarita Ontiveros, José Raúl Canay Pazos 163-169 | 407-413
Challenges and perspectives for the open education movement in the distance education environment: a diagnostic study in a SINED project PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
María Soledad Ramírez Montoya 170-186 | 414-430
Pedagogical models, collaborative work and interaction on online undergraduate programmes in Colombia: still some way to go PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Clelia Pineda Báez, Cristina Hennig, Yasbley Segovia 187-202 | 431-445
Cooperation for institutional strengthening: shared knowledge in the quest for improved teaching PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Adriana Gewerc Barujel, Almudena Alonso Ferreiro 203-218 | 446-461
Latin American university students’ perceptions of social networks and group work PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Verónica Marín Díaz, Julio Cabero Almenara 219-235 | 462-477
Twitter’s contribution to improving strategic communication in Latin American universities PDF (Español) PDF EPUB (Español) EPUB
Alba Patricia Guzmán Duque, María Esther del Moral 236-251 | 478-493

RUSC. Universities and Knowledge Society Journal is an e-journal coedited by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Barcelona) and its eLearn Center, and the University of New England (Australia) and its DeHub.
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The texts published in this journal are – unless indicated otherwise – covered by the Creative Commons Spain Attribution 3.0 licence. You may copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work, provided you attribute it (authorship, journal name, publisher) in the manner specified by the author(s) or licensor(s). The full text of the licence can be consulted here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/es/deed.en.

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