How do employers view Online Degree? [infographic] Drexel University Online. @drexelonline

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía  de la Drexel University Online sobre How do employers view Online Degree? . ... que hace una comparativa en base a tres criterios :
Así nos presentan en su blog "The Digital Dragon"  la infografía :
Back-to-school season is not just for kids! Push aside the crayons and scissors and make way for the adult learner.
As more and more adults head back to school and high school students are exploring new collegiate options, many are faced with the question: should I enroll in a traditional program or pursue an online education?
What ranks highly important to students is how their degree will be received by employers. Drexel University Online put together a handy infographic that details how employers view online degrees, citing such sources as the Sloan Consortium, and the Society of Human Resource Management.
Our research shows employers view online and traditional degrees equally when online degrees meet three vital criteria. To view the full infographic, please click: How Do Employers View Online Degrees? 
Please contact Sabrina Ram at if you have any questions or would like to receive a JPG or PDF version of the infographic.
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