Call for Papers del Journal of Educational Technology & Society. “Technology Supported Assessment in Formal and Informal Learning”

Hoy traemos a este espacio el Call for Papers  del Journal of Educational Technology & Society (ISSN: 1436‐4522 (online) and 1176‐3647 (print))

 Special Issue on “Technology Supported Assessment in Formal and Informal Learning”

 Guest Editors Prof. Dr. Jesus Garcia Laborda, Prof. Dr. Eduardo Guzman, Prof. Dr. Ronald K. Hambleton, Prof. Dr. Demetrios G Sampson

 Assessment can be considered as a systematic process of making judgments, and consequently reporting results, either about the effectiveness (with respect to achievement of intended learning outcomes) of learning and educational processes (ranging from formally established educational programs to informal learning experiences), or about individual students’ progress toward attainment of established educational objectives. Technology holds the potential to facilitate assessment implementation and maximize the benefits for all involved stakeholders. Cases of technology‐enabled assessment are traced back to the use of the abacus and writing techniques for evaluating knowledge acquisition more than 2000 years ago. However, the use of technology alone, without being followed by the necessary paradigm shifts, cannot result to a significant effect in learning and teaching. The sometimes divergent evidence reported indicate the need for re‐conceptualizing the ways in which technology should support both learning and assessment. Today, typically, learners and teachers use technology for accessing learning resources or submitting assigned homework, whereas technology has the potential to facilitate engagement in meaningful and authentic learning experiences and methods of keeping track of their levels of achievement. Technology is a vehicle that has the potential to help toward effectively meeting learning and assessment needs. However, this potential cannot be realized without taking account of the fact that learning and consequently assessment takes
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