The eLearning Dilemma: Engaged vs Unengaged Learners

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de shitfelearning ... titulada  "The eLearning Dilemma: Engaged vs Unengaged Learners"  que nos presentan así en el blog:
Engaging the unengaged has always been an elusive goal among learning professionals. While there are challenges related to student engagement in other learning environments, online curriculum may include added obstacles. Problems revolve around the lack of personal interaction between the instructor and student, as well as the student-to-student contact. The eLearning environment can be isolating and prone to distraction. Long story short, engagement has always been a crucial component of learning—if not the first step to learning. 
The proverbial questions are: what makes a learner engaged or unengaged? How do we make sure learners stay engaged, especially when something more exciting than their course is only a click away? To find the answers, we first need an in-depth look at the issue of engagement.

Unengagement: the Biggest Challenge of Them All

It's no secret trainers and educators consider disengaged students as one of the most challenging issues in their profession. As many as 25 percent to more than half of students are now disengaged. They're quickly bored with lectures and materials. Their "immersion in technology" is one of the known culprits.

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