"Apps for #mlearning in Higher Education" RUSC Vol 11, No 1 (January 2014) @UOCUniversidad

Hoy traemos a este espacio al  Vol 11, No 1 (January 2014) de la Revista RUSC de la UOC:
In this issue, the special section entitled "Apps for M-learning in Higher Education" has six articles which analyze the current state of m-learning and its prospects for the future. This special section is coordinated by two experts in the field, Professor Mohamed Ally from the University of Athabasca, Canada, and Professor Josep Prieto, researcher with the Mobility, Multimedia and Multidevice Innovation Group (mUOC) at the UOC. As well as the special section, the journal also contains nine articles about research into education and technology, including a study into learning networks to enhance reflectivity or a study of a mathematics program for detecting plagiarism entitled “Determination of writing styles to detect similarities in digital documents”.

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Table of Contents

Josep M. Duart1-3

Research Articles

Open educational practices and technology appropriation: the case of the Regional Open Latin American Community for Social and Educational Research (CLARISE)PDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
María del Carmen Betancourt Franco, Rosario Celaya Ramírez, María Soledad Ramírez Montoya4-17
Academic writing supported by digital templates in teacher trainingPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Beatriz Figueroa Sandoval, Mariana Aillon Neumann, Andrés Fuentealba Urra18-31
Learning networks to enhance reflectivity: key elements for the design of a reflective networkPDF EPUB
David Garcia Cardenas32-48
Educational innovation through ICTs in the university setting. What do students think of these practices?PDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Fernando Gómez Gonzalvo49-60
Competency training in universities via projects and Web 2.0 tools. Analysis of an experiencePDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Rosa García-Ruiz, Natalia González Fernández, Paloma Contreras Pulido61-75
Project-based learning in virtual environments: a case study of a university teaching experiencePDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Esther Márquez Lepe, María Luisa Jiménez-Rodrigo76-90
Application and validation of a techno-pedagogical lecturer training model using a virtual learning environmentPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Mónica Inés Monsiváis Almada, Lewis McAnally Salas, Gilles Lavigne91-107
Creating and using educational resources to improve practical teaching in the Human Physiology subject on the bachelor’s degree course in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Assessment of resultsPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Gemma Olmos, M. Piedad Ruiz-Torres, Laura Calleros, María Alicia Cortés, Sergio de Frutos, Rafael Ospina, Manuel Rodríguez-Puyol108-127
Determination of writing styles to detect similarities in digital documentsPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Yohandri Ril Gil, Yuniet del Carmen Toll Palma, Eddy Fonseca Lahens128-141

Special Section

What is the future of mobile learning in education?PDF EPUB
Mohamed Ally, Josep Prieto-Blázquez142-151
Mobile learning in the field of Architecture and Building Construction. A case study analysisPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Ernest Redondo, David Fonseca, Albert Sánchez, Isidro Navarro152-174
Mobile learning: a collaborative experience using QR codesPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Meritxell Monguillot Hernando, Carles González Arévalo, Montse Guitert Catasús, Carles Zurita Mon175-191
Student projects empowering mobile learning in higher educationPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Àngels Rius, Robert Clarisó, David Masip192-207
M-learning patterns in the virtual classroomPDF PDF (ESPAÑOL) EPUB EPUB (ESPAÑOL)
Fernando A. López, María Magdalena Silva208-221
A comparative study of computer and mobile phone-mediated collaboration: the case of university students in JapanPDF EPUB
Gibran Alejandro Garcia222-237

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