imperialismo Google (XXXV) : Oppia create interactive online educational activities .. is not a Google product.

  About Oppia

Oppia is a versatile tool that enables non-technical users to create interactive online educational activities (called 'explorations') that give immediate and personalized feedback to learners. These explorations are incrementally improvable by the community, and embeddable in any webpage.

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Download the latest version (v1.2.1) and set up your own instance

Oppia is free and open source software. It is released under the Apache License 2.0.


  • Learners receive personalized, customizable feedback after submitting answers
  • Explorations are embeddable in any webpage
  • An online analytics dashboard that allows explorations to be improved easily over time
  • A full online editor GUI
  • A comprehensive extension framework allowing straightforward integration of new interactions and classification rules
  • Parameters can be associated with a learner in order to create a richer interactive experience
  • Collaborative creation and editing of explorations with version control
  • (in progress) Responsive UI for mobile devices

Hosted versions of Oppia

  • is currently maintained by several members of the development team.


If you plan to download the code and run your own instance of Oppia, you need to have Python 2.7 installed on your machine.
Oppia also depends on a bunch of other libraries, such as JQuery, Angular UI and Google App Engine (full list). These dependencies will be downloaded automatically for you if you follow the instructions at Getting Started.

Next Steps


Exploration (Reader view) Exploration Analytics (Editor view)
Exploration Editor State Editor
Disclaimer: Oppia is not a Google product.

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