[infographic] Taming the Monster of Machine Big Data in @TIBCOSpotfire

«La inteligencia del planeta es constante, y la población sigue aumentando»

«Aún tiene que probarse que la inteligencia tenga algún valor para la supervivencia»
Artur C. Clarke

Hoy traemos a este espacio una vieja infografía (14/10/2013) ;-) que se presentaba así en TIBCO Spotfire:

"Facebook, emails, smartphone apps, embedded sensors – we live in an era where 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily. The velocity and volume of data generated today are forcing companies to think and act in new ways. The prevalence of a social and mobile workforce has transformed the way you do business and interact with your customers. Big data is a real, growing phenomenon and it’s something that should command your attention. To stay competitive, you must use data to your advantage – to reduce downtime, maintain the integrity of your assets and improve the quality of your future asset purchases. Remember, the winners will be the companies that are best able to gather data in real time, then analyze and use that data to operate more efficiently, save money and increase revenue. This infographic lays it all out for you. "(leer más...)

Fuente : [TIBCO Spotfire]