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 It’s easy to get involved in GEG. Locate a GEG near you on the map below. Click a group name to learn more and get involved. Start following the group on Google+ for updates and attend the next GEG event just by showing up. All the events are free.

Que nos presentan así:
Learn. Share. Inspire. Empower.
Google believes that the best inspiration to educators are other educators. It is for this reason that Google helped start a community of passionate educators, who bring the benefits of technology to schools, classrooms, and communities across the world.
GEGs provide a platform for educators to collaborate with one another, allowing them to pick up new creative ideas from one another, and to help each other best meet the needs of their students with Google solutions. GEG activities take place both online and offline. Online GEGs provide a space for educators to discuss together and learn about one another through Google+; offline, locally run events and workshops are a way to learn and share face to face.
Anyone is very welcome to join GEG. You may be a principal, a school administrator, a professor, a student, or just someone interested in using Google products to help people learn. Each group is organized by a local volunteer (GEG leader) and is entirely independent from Google, the corporation.

 GEGs are

 GEGs are not

Run by passionate individuals in the educator communityRun by Google, but Google may provide support to groups getting started
A place to share ideas and inspire other educators interested in web-enabled learningA place to hear or make a sales pitch related to using Google tools
A place to share among many people about Google products for use in educationOne-way communication
A place to meet new like-minded educators, and build friends and a larger professional communityAn anonymous group of isolated people, or an impersonal network of people not interacting together
A forum to discuss what other local schools are doing with technology and GoogleA place for corporations or business entrepreneurs (this is GBG)
A forum to share knowledge and help each other, open to any educatorA closed-door club for private-only activities
FreeA for-profit or money-charging initiative

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