Volume 11 Number 2 2014 #elearning and Digital Media

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Volume 11 Number 2 2014

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The Temporal Dimensions of E-learning
Elena Barberà & Marc Clarà. Editorial. The Temporal Dimensions of E-learning, pages 105‑107 OPEN ACCESS http://dx.doi.org/10.2304/elea.2014.11.2.105 VIEW FULL TEXT
Melody M. Terras & Judith Ramsay. A Psychological Perspective on the Temporal Dimensions of E-learning, pages 108‑122
Robert Shaw. Heidegger and E-learning: overthrowing the traditions of pedagogy, pages 123‑134
David Mathew. E-learning, Time and Unconscious Thinking, pages 135‑140
Lesley Gourlay. Creating Time: students, technologies and temporal practices in higher education, pages 141‑153
Murat Oztok, Lesley Wilton, Kyungmee Lee, Daniel Zingaro, Kim MacKinnon, Alexandra Makos, Krystle Phirangee, Clare Brett & Jim Hewitt. Polysynchronous: dialogic construction of time in online learning, pages 154‑161
Katalin J. Kabat. Time, Space, and Dialogue in a Distance-learning Class Discussion Board, pages 162‑175
Elaine Khoo & Bronwen Cowie. But the Learning Has Already Passed: rethinking the role of time in e-mediated learning settings, pages 176‑190
Tina Bering Keiding & Ane Qvortrup. Feedback as Real-time Constructions, pages 191‑203
Christine Andrews Paulsen & Jessica Rueter Andrews. The Effectiveness of Placing Temporal Constraints on a Transmedia STEM Learning Experience for Young Children, pages 204‑213

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