Censura en Internet por paises .Test Your ‘Freedom on the Net’ Knowledge at the 2014 Internet Governance Forum.

Hoy traemos a este espacio un mapa interactivo realizado por IVPN , basado en el informe ...
Internet Censorship Around The World | IVPN.net

If you’re following the 2014 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul this week, you might want to refresh your memory about internet freedom around the world.

Malta-based privacy advocates IVPN can help you with an interactive map using the latest data from Freedom House’s Freedom on the Net report. The graphic shows the 60 countries rated Free, Partly Free, or Not Free in 2013. Click through to view details on the restrictions in each location, like blocks on social networks. It’s a great way to see how an internet haven like Iceland, which topped the list of Free countries, compares to an egregious offender, such as China.

Stay tuned for Freedom on the Net’s 2014 edition, which will be released in December and features new assessments of Singapore, Colombia, The Gambia, Zambia, and Canada. You can also follow @FreedomHouseDC on Twitter. Freedom House will be sharing updates from its IGF delegation, and from a workshop on internet freedoms in Istanbul on Friday, using the hashtag #FHdel.

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