International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)* Volume 10, Issue 5 (2014)

Hoy traemos a este espacioel nuevo número de *International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)* Volume 10, Issue 5 (2014)

Table of Contents

Guest Editorial

TEMPUS Project eSience PDF
Thomas Zimmer p. 4

Special Focus Papers

Importance of a Network of Online Labs in Magrebian Countries PDF
Ahmed Naddami, Ahmed Fahli, Mourad Gourmaj, Andreas Pester, Ramona Oros pp. 5-6
Black Body Radiation for Students and Secondary Schools PDF
Ramona Georgiana Oros, Andreas Pester, Christian Kreiter pp. 7-8
Web Services for Virtual Simulation PDF
Samir Akrouf, Adel Merabet, Ayoub Maza, Djamel Boubetra, Larbi Selmani, Abdelhak Boubetra, Nasser Eddine Mouhoub pp. 9-11
Developing a Remote Practice for Laboratory Experiments on Measuring Instruments PDF
Yassine Khazri, Mohammed Rouane, Ahmed Fahli, Moussetad Mohamed, Abdelatif Khaldouni, Ahmed Naddami pp. 12-14
Evaluation Plan and Preliminary Evaluation of a Network of Remote Labs in the Maghrebian Countries PDF
Thrasyvoulos Tsiatsos, Stella Douka, Apostolos Mavridis, Stergios Tegos, Ahmed Naddami, Thomas Zimmer, Didier Geoffroy pp. 15-20


Virtualization for Effective Risk-Free Network Security Assessment PDF
Alessandro Longheu, Vincenza Carchiolo, Giuseppe Mangioni, Michele Malgeri pp. 21-28
Multifunctional Remote Laboratories for Real Experiments, Engineering Processes, and Manufacturing Methods PDF
Sergey M. Krylov pp. 29-35
Archimedes' Principle - Internet Accessible Remote Experiment PDF
Miroslava Ozvoldova, Petra Spilakova, Lukas Tkac pp. 36-42
Remote Laboratory for Advanced Motion Control Experiments PDF
Stamen Gadzhanov, Andrew Nafalski, Zorica Nedic pp. 43-51
Remote Monitoring and Management System of CNG Flow based on Modbus RTU Protocol PDF
Jinfeng Li, Shun Cao pp. 52-56
Using Interactive Hybrid Online Labs for Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems PDF
Karsten Henke, Galina Tabunshchyk, Heinz-Dietrich Wuttke, Tobias Vietzke, Steffen Ostendorff pp. 57-62
Design of the ZigBee Technology-based Wireless Sensor Network for Earth Temperature Monitoring PDF
Xianfeng Zheng, Zheng Fan pp. 63-67
Design of Aquaculture System based on Wireless Monitoring and its Testing PDF
Lijia Xu, Nan Wang, Yu Feng, Dan-ni Bao, K. Jorshin pp. 68-73


12th International Conference on Remote Engineering and Virtual Instrumentation - REV2015 PDF
Call for Papers p. 74
6th IEEE Global Engineering Education Conference - EDUCON2015 PDF
Call for Papers p. 75

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