7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future . by @terryheick in @TeachThought [Infographic]

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de TeachThought
titulada "7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future" y  que nos presentan así :
Tomorrow’s Learning Today: 7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future
by Terry Heick
(Ed note: This post has been updated from a 2013 post)
So we’re taking a stand here. This is all subjective, but it’s worth talking about. So let’s talk.
Below are some ideas that are truly transformational–not that they haven’t been said before. It’s not this article that’s transformational, but the ideas themselves. These ideas aren’t just buzzwords or trendy edu-jargon but the kind of substance with the potential for lasting change.
And the best part? This is stuff that’s available not tomorrow with ten grand in classroom funding and 12 hours of summer PD, but today. Utopian visions of learning are tempting, if for no other reason than they absolve us of accountability to create it right now, leading to nebulous romanticizing about how powerful learning could be if we just did more of X and Y.
But therein lies the rub: Tomorrow’s learning is already available, and below are 7 of the most compelling and powerful trends, concepts, and resources that represent its promise.
The Challenge of Implementation

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PixelBit revista nº 46. Technology use for teaching and learning

Hoy traemos a este espacio el último número de PixelBit , revista de Medios y educación de la Universidad de Sevilla.
pixelenero14p.jpgRevista completa nº 46
Technology use for teaching and learning

Usos de la tecnología para enseñar y aprender
Dr. Antoni Badia Garganté, Dr. Julio Meneses Naranjo y Consuelo Garcia Tamarit
Páginas 9 a 24
Dra. M.del Mar Badia Martín, Dra. Mercè Clariana Muntada, Dra. Concepción Gotzens Busquets, Dr. Ramon Cladellas Pros y Dra. Teresa Dezcallar Sáez
Páginas 25 a 38
Héctor Cuesta Suárez, Dra. Mª Victoria Aguiar Perera y Dra. Mª Rosa Marchena Gómez
Páginas 39 a 50
Dr. Marcelo Humberto Rioseco Pais y Rosabel Roig Vila
Páginas 51 a 64
Dr. Eloy López Meneses, Dr. Esteban Vázquez Cano y Dr. José Luis Sarasola Sánchez-Serrano
Páginas 65 a 85
Dra. Mª Luisa Sevillano García, Dr. Saturnino de la Torre de la Torre y Carlos Carreras Nadal
Páginas 87 a 101
Marina Morales Capilla, Dr. Juan Manuel Trujillo Torres y Dr. Francisco Raso Sánchez
Páginas 103 a 117
Dr. José Palazón Herrera
Páginas 119 a 136
Cristina Villalonga Gómez y Dra. Carmen Marta Lazo
Páginas 137 a 153
Dra. María del Pilar Quicios García, Dra. Isabel Ortega Sánchez y Dra. Mª Paz Trillo Miravalles
Páginas 155 a 166
Dra. Mª Esther del Moral Pérez y Dra. Lourdes Villalustre Martínez
Páginas 167 a 185
Carlos Prendes Espinosa
Páginas 187 a 203
Dr. Rafael Cejudo y Dr. Pedro Mantas
Páginas 219 a 234
Adriana Rangel Baca
Páginas 235 a 248
Páginas 249 a 256

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Engaging Every Learner Everytime. LA Congress Workshop 2015 . from @charmccor

Hoy traemos a este espacio esta slideshare titulada "Engaging Every Learner Everytime"  de

Charlotte McCorquodale

    • Baton Rouge, Louisiana AreaUnited States
  • President/CEO and Chief Learning Architecht at Ministry Training Source
  • Religion / Spirituality
  • I have worked professionally in youth ministry for the past 30 years. For the past 20 years, I have served as a consultant, researcher, and trainer for clients big and small, universities, dioceses, non-profits and for-profits. My passion is in helping adults learn and apply what they learn.

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