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My spotlight stage session for Online Educa 2014 ... y que se nos presenta así en su web  David White. Digital-Learning-Culture
I’ve worked in various roles where digital, learning and culture meet – including:
  • Senior lecturer in visual communication
  • Making proof-of-concept pilots for delivering media online at the BBC
  • Managing a team of online distance learning developers at the University of Oxford
  • Leading numerous studies around the impact of the Web on learning and higher education.
I’m currently Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of the Arts London – I help to run the ‘CLTAD‘ group. (I  moved to this role in June 2014, all posts before then were written while I was working at the University of Oxford.) (...)

Ah! , y por último el post de su blog,  que se titula (Re)humanising eLearning , y que comienza así ... :

For my ‘Spotlight stage’ session at Online Educa (15:35 on Thursday 4th) I’m  exploring ‘Re-humanising eLearning’. This is a theme very much inspired by Catherine Cronin’s keynote at ALT-C this year in which she spoke, among other things, about the value of online identity and open practice.
When I’ve mentioned the theme of Re-humanising eLearning to colleagues many of them suggested that eLearning was never particularly ‘human’ in the first place. This is a reasonable, if disappointing, comment. Nevertheless, take a look at almost any Digital Literacy framework and it will have the distinctly human (in that it is about the ‘self’) concept of a Digital Identity highlighted in it somewhere. In my favourite framework/hierarchy from Helen Beetham and Rhona Sharpe Digital Identity is the apex of digital capability.

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