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MOOC for web talent network
“Support services to foster Web Talent in Europe by encouraging the use of Massive Open
Online Courses focused on web skills” – SMART 2013/N006
CONTRACT NUMBER 30-CE-0597494/00-12

A study prepared for the European Commission
DG Communications Networks, Content & Technology
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The MOOC for Web Talent Network has now published its final project report. It includes a summary of the main findings as well as recommendations for policy makers, industry leaders, and MOOC providers who are interested in developing the web skills of young entrepreneurs and job seekers in Europe.

The MOOCs for Web Talent project was part of Startup Europe and unfolded between January and November 2014, over several phases:

  • - Initial desk research on the supply and demand of MOOCs for web skills
  • - Establishment of a network of MOOC providers
  • - Final conference to disseminate and discuss the findings of the project

Main findings of the report

The final report included conclusions drawn from all components of the project. Overall, the project highlighted that given the pace of change in web and mobile industries, it is important that professionals in those industries can constantly learn and update their competences. MOOCs offer an accessible and flexible way for learners to acquire such job-specific skills.

The desk study and online survey revealed that within the domain of web skills, certain skills are more highly in demand in the labour market, namely: web design, HTML5, developing for Android, Javascript, and CSS. While there are a number of MOOCs addressing these skills, learners expressed a difficulty in finding relevant courses. The European countries that offer the most MOOCs for web skills are Germany, Spain, and Switzerland. The summary of these findings are on page 9 of the report.

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