Aprendizaje en el Faculty Research Network-2016

El propósito de estas entradas es documentar el proceso de aprendizaje relacionado a mi participación en el Faculty Research Network.  Participé en el seminario “More Connected, more disconnected” dirigido por la Profesora Kyra Gaunt.

Tarea: Editar página de Ricky Rosselló en Wikipedia:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricky_Rossell%C3%B3 : Enlace a página de Ricky Rosselló

Technology and the death of civilization: Artículo en donde se muestra que las apariencias son falsas.

Concepto de “context collapsing”.

All knowledge is personal. There is no psychology only biography and autobiography.

Amandla Sternberg on black identity and cultural appropiation.

We are bots from our students.

Whats broken in education?

Libro: The technical Fix:

Infinite remediation cycle

If you can’t measure, it’s not worth doing”.

What should we be measuring?

Learning is longitudinal

Students don’t care what you know till they know that you care.

Education of the parents is one of the most significant indicator of success in college but not sole determinant.

Quality of your network of relationships-people, technology, place, groups, SES

Because you measure it, does not mean that you understand it.

The internet’s own boy: Aaron Swartz:

“Unjust laws exist; shall we be content to obey them, or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once? Henry David Thoreau

Hell is the place where nothing connects with nothing. (T. S. Elliot).

“If Hell is where nothing connects, then being in the field of English must be the key to heaven’s door! We are in the business of finding connections–within texts, between texts and contexts, between texts and ourselves, between our readings and the readings of other interpreters.”

Transaction cycle: inventor, judge, …

Teaching with Wikipedia: Ann Matsuuchi: La Guardia Community College Library

Resources for the Faculty Resource Network