Best of #Elearning ! 2012 Ballot

Hoy traemos a este espacio el inicio de las nominaciones a

Best of Elearning! 2012 Ballot

Thank you for participating in the Best of Elearning! nomination process. As a learning professional, buyer or user of enterprise-wide learning solutions, we welcome your nomination(s) for the best learning solutions. To validate your ballot, please complete the submission details at the end of the ballot. All vendor and supplier nominations will be nullified.

    Learning and Talent Management Solutions

  1. 1.Best Learning Management System (SaaS, Cloud-based, or open-source only)
  2. To qualify for this category, all nominated solutions must be available as a stand-alone solution for a fee or as an open source solution. If the LMS/TMS is bundled with content, learning tools, and not sold or available as a stand alone product, the nomination will not be counted.

  3. 2. Best Learning Management System (Enterprise-based, behind the firewall)

  4. 3. Best Learning Content Management System (All platforms)

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