What is #MobiCloud ? Mobile Business Cloud Application Platform

 What is #MobiCloud ?    ... Hoy traemos a este espacio a teneis información del proyecto aquí, pero lo de que nuestros gobernantes se enteren que compartir es vivir no ... porque habrían de ponerlo descargable, videos, presentaciones, etc... para qué quiere la ciudadanía ná .. ? en fin la info sobre este proyecto  with a total budget of €4.45M .. y que no está en castellano, aquí ar paso q vamos con pedí por las calles dame argo ...tenemos bastante ... .aquí la tienen :

MobiCloud is an EU funded project to develop a
European Corporate Appstore.

MobiCloud is a collaborative platform for developing, deploying and managing mobile cloud applications for business-critical scenarios such as public transport, field service or construction. Its initial demonstration scenarios focus on industries where collaborative mobile applications can support a more efficient, greener organization.
MobiCloud is also an online technology marketplace where end-users, mobile developers, application vendors, system integrators and cloud service providers can collaborate to develop end-to-end solutions with high ROI. MobiCloud is co-funded by the European Commission under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) of the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP).
Technology companies or enterprises wishing to join the ecosystem are encouraged to sign-up for the Mobicloud Early Adopter Program where they will gain access to a MobiCloud testbed to run their own trial projects. Contact Us (leer más...)

Fuente: [mobicloud]

Latest eFront news: On our cloud-offering & Community++

Introducing our cloud offering!
As many of our users already know, we’ve been working on eFront-4 for some time now. During this lengthy process we have come across two major discoveries:
  1.  Firstly, we witnessed a strong movement towards cloud, lean and mobile solutions for eLearning. Cloud comes with several benefits for the client and allows one to offer a more integrated and smoother experience.   The lean movement offers simpler, focused solutions that emphasize practicality over completeness.
  2.  Secondly, as we were making progress on eFront-4 it became obvious that the core changes were of such a magnitude that it would be impossible to offer compatibility with the current eFront offering. A transition would have offered little benefit for current customers since they would have to start their implementation from scratch.

So, we have shifted our eFront-4 effort to a cloud solution and we would like to announce a cloud-offering that will be part of the eFront LMS family by September 2012! This product will be implemented on top of eFront-4 architecture and launched under a new brand, namely Talent LMS. Talent LMS will be a true Software-as-a-Service product, based on  a “lean” LMS approach and a preference for conventions over configuration. We will be happy to send you invitations to give it a try as soon as a public beta is out by the end of May (look out for news on our blog and Facebook page!) .
Deciding to create an additional cloud-solution was not an easy one. However, we truly believe that it was the right one. We anticipate that, in due time, we will offer a deployed solution based on the eFront-4 core but this will take more time than initially planned. We would like to emphasize that eFront development will continue under the 3.6 version with an emphasis on ease-of-use,source-availability, completeness and the ability to have a deployed solution. 
We say goodbye to Community++
Two years ago we introduced Community++ as a solution for very small businesses that wanted additional functionality on-top of the open-source edition. However, it’s clear now that this edition was not used the way we designed it to be used.At the same time it complicates our product mix by narrowing the gap between the open-source and commercial editions. So, we’ve decided to simplify our commercial offerings so that by the end of March 2012 Community++ will no longer be available.
We will still offer software updates and support for our current clients until the end of this year. Furthermore, for all Community++ clients we will run a special50% discount in case they would like for to upgrade to an Educational or Enterprise eFront edition until 31/12/2012. Please get in touch with our sales team for more info!