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PLE Conference 2012

The Personal Learning Environment (PLE) Conference was intended to produce a space for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas, experiences and research around the development and implementation of PLEs – including the design of environments and the sociological and educational issues that they raise. 

Following the highly successful events in Barcelona (Spain), and Southampton (UK), the PLE Conference 2012 was held simultaneously in Aveiro (Portugal) and Melbourne (Australia) from July 11th to 13th 2012.

Table of Contents


Using SymbalooEDU as a PLE Organizer in Higher Education PDF
Victoria Marin, Jesús Salinas, Bárbara De Benito
Building Identity in an Institutionally Supported Personal Learning Environment - the case of SAPO Campus PDF
Mónica Aresta, Luís Pedro, Carlos Santos, António Moreira
Steps to Reflect on the Personal Learning Environment. Improving the Learning Process? PDF
Mª Jesús Gallego Arrufat, Vanesa Gámiz Sánchez
Introducing Personal Learning Environments to Informal Learners: Lessons Learned from the OpenLearn Case Study PDF
Alexander Mikroyannidis, Teresa Connolly
Developing Work based Personal Learning Environments in Small and Medium Enterprises PDF
Graham Attwell, Ludger Deitmer
Enhancing Self Regulated Learning Skills for Improved PLE Use: A Problem Based Learning Approach PDF
Arunangsu Chatterjee, Mahrukh Mirza
Sapo Campus Schools as a Disruptive Innovation Tool: Could it be the Educational Ba? PDF
Fátima Pais, Carlos Santos, Luis Pedro
Pedagogical Practices, Personal Learning Environments and the Future of eLearning PDF
Rui Páscoa, Sérgio Lagoa, João Brogueira, José Mota
The Impact of Culture on Personalization of Learning Environments: Some Theoretical Insights PDF
Mahrukh Mirza, Arunangsu Chatterjee
Psychological Ownership and Personal Learning Environments: Do sense of ownership and control really matter? PDF
Ilona Buchem
PLE-based ePortfolios: Towards Empowering Student Teachers’ PLEs through ePortfolio Processes PDF
Gemma Tur Ferrer, Santos Urbina Ramírez
Analysis of Personal Learning Networks in Support of Teachers Presence Optimization PDF
Malinka Ivanova, Gabriela Grosseck, Carmen Holotescu
Future Teachers Looking for their PLEs: the Personalized Learning Process Behind it all PDF
Linda Castañeda, Jordi Adell
“Tips for Making a Movie”, a Learning Object for Autonomous Learning PDF
Clarissa Rodrigues, Lia Oliveira, Sérgio Ferreira
First Time Building of a PLE in an ICT Post Graduation Course: Main Functions and Tools PDF
João Paz
Building Personal Learning Networks through Event- Based Social Media: a Case Study of the SMiLE Project PDF
Lisa Harris, Graeme Earl, Nicole Beale, Chris Phethean, Tom Brughmans
Sharing Personal Learning Environments for Widget Based Systems using a Widget Marketplace PDF
Daniel Dahrendorf, Diana Dikke, Nils Faltin
Just4me: Functional Requirements to Support Informal Self-directed Learning in a Personal Ubiquitous Environment PDF
Iolanda Garcia, Begoña Gros, Xavier Mas, Ingrid Noguera, Teresa Sancho, Jordi Ceballos
Building a Shared Personal Learning Environment with SAPO Campus PDF
Luis Pedro, Carlos Santos, Sara Almeida, Tim Koch-Grünberg
Drupal as a Social Hub for Personal Learning PDF
Tobias Hölterhof, Axel Nattland, Michael Kerres
Designing and Implementing PLEs in a Secondary School Using Web2.0 Tools PDF
Ebrahim Rahimi, Jan van den Berg, Wim Veen
Online Learning Communities: from Personal to Social Learning Environments PDF
Miguel Gea, Rosana Montes, Vanesa Gamiz, Rui Raposo, Emilio Arjona

Doctoral Consortium

Sapo Campus Schools: Network Learning, Teaching and People PDF
Fátima Pais, Carlos Santos, Luís Pedro
Diverse Knowledge Practices through Personal Learning Environments – A theoretical Framework PDF
Sabine Reisas

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Call for Papers de #eLearning2012 . Third International Conference on #elearning

Hoy traemos a este espacio el Call For Papers de  eLearning2012 . the Third International Conference on e-learning:

This annual conference serves as international forum for researches, developers and educators to discuss about technology, innovation and best practices in e-learning, distance education and new learning opportunities. This year, the eLearning-2012 conference will pay special attention to all aspects of quality assurance in e-learning and accreditation issues in higher education sector as well as other sectors. The conference covers technical and non-technical issues for this type of education.
Selected papers from conference will be published in International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning - iJET
The Conference Chair: Professor  Dragan Domazet, rector of BMU

Submission of papers
Authors are invited to submit their full papers electronically to the  eLearning-2012 Secretariat by 31st of August 2011:

Full papers are accepted for review on the condition that the manuscript is original, has not been published before, has not been presented at a conference, and has not been submitted for presentation at another conference. The full papers will be reviewed  and accepted papers will be include in the eLearning-2012 Proceedings which will be published in hard-back and CD and issued to delegates at the eLearning-2012 Conference. The paper should include the following information: Name(s) of author(s), The corresponding author, Position or job title, Organisation(s), Full postal address(es) Phone, fax numbers and E-mail, Paper title, Summary, Key words (maximum three), Introduction, Paper manuscript, References. It should be prepared according to the instructions and template issued separately.
Template and instructions for writing a paper

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