Media & Learning 2012 . Brussels . 14 y 15 Noviembre

 Hoy traemos a este espacio el Media & Learning 2012 que se celebrará el 14 y 15 de Noviembre en Bruselas, que se nos presenta así:
Media & Learning 2012 is the place to be if you are interested in the latest developments, services and uses of media in education and training. Aimed at both policy makers and practitioners, the purpose of this annual event is to identify policies and initiatives that promote digital and media competence at all levels of education and training as well as to promote best-practice in the take-up and application of media in education and training.
At this conference we will be discussing:
  • the urgency of embedding digital and media literacy skills amongst the European workforce
  • how best to convince stakeholders about the importance of embedding digital and media skills amongst learning professionals and learners at all levels of education and training
The conference will include:
  • practical learning opportunities showing how you can apply all types of media in education and training through workshops and hands-on training sessions
  • information sessions describing lots of different initiatives and developments linked to this field supported by European and national programmes
  • sessions linked to the MEDEA Awards 2012, a competition now in its fourth year that recognises and rewards excellence in this field. These sessions will feature winners and finalists from the past and current competitions.
A highlight of the Media & Learning Conference will be the MEDEA Awards Ceremony 2012 when this year’s winners will be announced and shown on Wednesday evening at 18:30.

El programa lo tenéis aquí completo
y se abre con:Opening Plenary

Can media really be an agent of change in education and training? This is the question that will underpin the opening plenary session of Media & Learning 2012. Presenters will put forward a combination of fact and opinion aimed at highlighting the changing face of education and training today as it adjusts to meet the increasingly complex world in which we live.
  • Rethinking Skills: Education in a Global World
    Xavier Prats Monné, European Commission
  • What are the implications of the recent K-12 Horizon report for European policy-makers and practitioners?
    Guus Wijngaards, INHOLLAND University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • Andrew Keen, Internet entrepreneur and author of “Digital Vertigo: How Today's Online Social Revolution Is Dividing, Diminishing, and Disorienting Us”, USA
Chairperson: Micheline Scheys, Secretary-General of the Department for Education & Training.
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