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Why join the network of quality professionals?

Why join the network of quality professionals?

Quality in e-learning is a field which is currently growing in importance while at the same time there are no professional standards and qualifications for professionals in this field. This leads to the situation where quality development and quality assurance are often delegated to persons with little or no direct experience in the field of quality for e-learning.
EFQUEL seeks to rectify this situation by its network of quality professionals in the larger field of technology enhanced learning.  This network was initiated earlier in 2012 and is now growing progressively. EFQUEL provides today the opportunity to become part of the network with a special offer . Become a member now for the remaining months of 2012 and the entire year 2013!

MISSION: “The Network of Quality Professionals will seek to develop a professional standard for quality professionals in the field of technology enhanced learning.”

Why this network?

Ulf-Daniel Ehlers explains “Whereas so far membership of EFQUEL has been specifically open to organisations, the network of professionals is meant to enlarge EFQUEL’s scope of membership by opening up opportunities for experts in the field of quality and innovation and related fields of work, from Europe and beyond, to join the Foundation.. The network is designed as a growing community of EFQUEL-related professionals who can contribute to EFQUEL activities. The network shall dedicate itself to becoming a body to establish the principles of professionalism and professional standards in the field of quality for Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL).”

How to join?

If you’re interested in the mission of this network, you can simply apply by filling out the online registration form: http://efquel.org/network-of-qualityexperts/join/ .  The registration is completed after payment.

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