Close Reading Strategies, Rubrics, and Sample Assessments for History Teachers

The University of Maryland, Baltimore County has an excellent resource for history teachers. The UMBC Assessment Resource Center for History offers sample assessments based on readings from six eras in U.S. history. The assessments include multiple choice question and performance tasks based on close reading exercises. The performance task assessments include scoring rubrics, sample responses from students, and the documents that students need in order to complete the performance tasks. Click here (link opens PDF) for a sample performance task.

Multiple choice assessments featured on ARCH are based on documents and images that students evaluate before making their answer choices.

Applications for Education
It will benefit students if you work with them to go through ARCH's historical thinking rubric before letting them attempt the performance tasks. ARCH's historical thinking rubric is more than just a rubric. There are small sections on close reading methods that students can benefit from if they are given guidance on how to employ the strategies outlined in the rubric section of ARCH.

Thanks to Glenn Wiebe for the tip in his post on assessing critical thinking skills.

Chalkup – Use Rubrics to Grade Google Drive Files

Earlier this year I featured Chalkup which is a service that combines the concepts of Google Drive and Edmodo into one nice package. This week Chalkup added a helpful new feature. Teachers can now use Chalkup to attach rubrics to grade assignments shared with them through Google Drive. Watch the video below to see how this new feature works.

Chalkup offers a community aspect for teachers. In the Chalkup community teachers can share rubrics. Click here to search for a rubric in the Chalkup community.