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Hoy traemos a este espacio la segunda edición del libro Theory and Practice of Online Learning. .. puedes descargarlo gratuitamente el pdf .. o adquirirlo ... si, no se sorprendan Universidad de Attabasca no está en €spaña :

Second Edition Now Available!

Awarded the Charles A. Wedemeyer Award by the University Continuing Education Association. The Charles A. Wedemeyer Award recognizes publications of merit that make significant contributions to research in the field of distance education.
award iconAthabasca University Press is pleased to announce the publication of the 2nd edition of the Theory and Practice of Online Learning at  edited by Terry Anderson. This 2nd edition and its individual chapters continue to be freely available online under a Creative Commons license. The 2nd edition is also available in print for a purchase price of $39.95 Canadian.

The second edition is now available through AU Press. You can
2nd Edition CoverThe second edition features updates on all chapters from the first edition and the addition of 4 new chapters (on Mobile Learning, Social Software, Distance Education Philosophy and Financial Decision Making). Two chapters (Chapter 3 - Value Chain Analysis and Chapter 9 - Copyright Issues)  were not updated nor included in the 2nd edition. These two chapters (in addition to all of the origional 1st edition chapters) will continue to made available at this site, however readers are encouraged to access the revised chapters to receive more current and updated content.

Aquí os dejo los enlaces de descarga al libro entero y por capítulos

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Copyright: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.

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Download Front Matter
DownloadTable of Contents
Download Foreword to the Second Edition
Download Introduction

PART I: Role and Function of Theory in Online Education Development and Delivery

Download1. Foundations of Educational Theory for Online Learning
    Mohamed Ally
Download2. Towards a Theory of Online Learning
    Terry Anderson
Download3. Situating Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) in an Online Learning Environment
    Dianne Conrad
Download4. Understanding e-Learning Technologies-in-Practice through Philosophies-in-Practice
    Heather Kanuka

PART II: Infrastructure and Support for Content Development

Download 5. Developing an Infrastructure for Online Learning
    Alan Davis, Paul Little & Brian Stewart
Download 6. Technologies of Online Learning (E-learning)
    Rory McGreal & Michael Elliott
Download 7. Characteristics of Interactive Online Learning Media
    Patrick. J. Fahy
Download 8. “In-Your-Pocket” and “On-the-Fly:” Meeting the Needs of Today’s New Generation of Online Learners
    with Mobile Learning Technology
    Maureen Hutchison, Tony Tin & Yang Cao
Download9. Social Software to Support Distance Education Learners
    Terry Anderson

PART III: Design and Development of Online Courses

Download 10. The Development of Online Courses
      Dean Caplan & Rodger Graham
Download11. Value Added – The Editor in Design and Development of Online Courses
      Jan Thiessen & Vincent Ambrock
Download 12. Making Relevant Financial Decisions about Technology in Education
      David Annand
Download13. The Quality Dilemma in Online Education Revisited
      Nancy K. Parker

PART IV: Delivery, Quality Control, and Student Support of Online Courses

Download 14. Teaching in an Online Learning Context
      Terry Anderson
Download15. Call Centres in Distance Education
      Alex Z. Kondra, Colleen Huber, Kerri Michalczuk & Andrew Woudstra
Download 16. Library Support for e-Learners: e-Resources, e-Services, and the Human Factors
      Kay Johnson, Houda Trabelsi & Elaine Fabbro
Download17. Supporting the Online Learner
      Susan D. Moisey & Judith A. Hughes
Download 18. Developing Team Skills and Accomplishing Team Projects Online
      Deborah Hurst &  Janice Thomas

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