Understanding Digital Student Development. from Paul Brown @paulgordonbrown

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Paul Brown

    • Boston,MAUnited States
  • PhD Student at Boston College
  • Education
  • Paul Gordon Brown is a scholar, consultant and speaker working on the fringes of where student learning and development intersect with technology, social media and design. Paul has over 10 years of professional experience in higher education and student affairs in a diverse array of functional areas. Currently serving as an instructor in the Higher Education programs at Boston College and Merrimack College, Paul has extensive experience in the classroom and as an experienced presenter, having had accepted and given over 40 refereed presentations at national and regional conferences. Paul is currently a full time PhD student at Boston College

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Inverting the classroom, improving student learning by Robert Talbert [slideshare]

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Inverting the classroom, improving student learning
by on Mar 31, 2011 38,988 views
The traditional classroom model has the transmission of information done in the class and the assimilation of that info done outside the class. But does that make sense? Shouldn't the instructor be the most available to the students when they are working on the hardest tasks? The inverted classroom model says "yes", and puts the lecture outside the class while freeing up time in class to be spent on hard, authentic problems to solve. This talk is all about this inverted model.(leer más...)

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