Ebola Awareness Quick Guide. Curso #elearning de prevención sanitaria for humanitarians de @DisasterReady

 Hoy traemos a este espacio a disasterready.org  un recurso en linea gratuito para trabajadores que prestan ayuda humanitaria, con un catálogo de más de 300 cursos , de la @CSODFoundation y que se nos presenta así:


Is your organization ready to help communities prepare for and respond to the next disaster? Are your colleagues and partners sufficiently trained to meet emergency needs quickly and in line with international best practices? In recent years, the rapid growth of disaster response standards and guidelines has underscored the critical importance of quality, accountability, and efficiency in assistance efforts. DisasterReady.org-a free easy to use online training resource-can help your organization meet these challenges.

Los cursos de la plataforma que ofrecen giran en torno a  6 campos:


These courses explore the fundamental principles and components of delivering aid and promoting human welfare in the context of international disaster relief.
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programs & operations

These courses explore the functional logistics of disaster relief aid and operations in the field.
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management & leadership

These courses explore core strategies and best practices for coordinating employees, managing operations and leading organizations.
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Support functions

These courses explore the fundamentals of team-building and employee empowerment — specifically the strategies and logistics surrounding Staff Welfare
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soft skills

These courses explore the personal attributes and interpersonal abilities that enable success within relief organizations and the communities they serve.
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staff safety & security

These courses explore the critical considerations and preparations required for safe travel, successful violence avoidance and secure in-country operations.
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Y concretamente lo hacemos porque ha puesto a disposición de todos un curso on line en abierto ... titulado “Ebola Awareness for humanitarians .Quick Guide”... que nos presentan así:
The DisasterReady.org team has released a 15-minute online course providing basic awareness on the Ebola outbreak. The new Ebola Awareness Quick Guide is now available online at DisasterReady.org. This 15-minute quick guide is developed with content available from the World Health Organization, CDC, and other organizations. The general public and aid workers without specialized health training will benefit from increased awareness of this outbreak.
 Ebola awareness covers four key topics:
  • Awareness
    • There are 8 primary symptoms that may appear anywhere from 2 to 21 days after exposure to the virus.
  • Transmission
    • The virus is spread through direct contact in 3 specific ways.
  •  Risk of Exposure
    • There are 2 groups with the highest risk of exposure.
  •  Prevention
    • There are 6 steps you can take to minimize your risk of exposure if you are traveling to a country with known Ebola cases.
This quick guide includes links to updated websites with the latest information on the outbreak. Learners will also have immediate access to documents providing additional awareness of the outbreak including fact sheets, posters, and information specific to aid workers in Africa.
To access our latest training, log into DisasterReady.org or enroll directly in the Ebola Awareness Quick Guide training course.
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